Short Term Rental (STR) Management

Company Description: Rent & Returns LLP are rental returns specialists that help you maximize your rental income on your investment property. We provide a consultation service to help you analyze your investment property’s overall annual commitment and then offer you a rental management service to help ensure that you are able to cover all of your outgoing expenses. Our aim is to help you reap the most from your rental income without you having to do any of the hard work, such as cleaning and dealing with tenants and guests. Let us help you make sure your most recent property investment is at the best odds of bringing back a positive cash flow each year.

Main Features: During the initial consultation session, we will analyze your monthly investment property commitments. (Home loan, Insurance, maintenance fees etc.) We will then help you decide on competitive pricing based on your type of unit and location for best results. Given this information we will then assist to manage a Host account for you on Airbnb. (This includes picture taking for the account setup) We will manage all guest check-in and check-outs as well as cleaning over the contracted duration. The unit will also be stocked with necessities such as soap, shampoo and even towels. All these services are offered at an initial 80/20 profit share split off the Airbnb listed room rate (as decided above) between the owner and Rent & Returns LLP respectively. Once you have successfully covered your monthly investment property commitments, profit share split off the Airbnb listing will become 65/35.

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