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Calculate Your Potential Earnings Using the Investment Calculator Below

Loan Repayment (RM):
Maintenance Fees (RM):
Utilities (RM):
Total Monthly Commitment (RM):

8 Days to Breakeven
Daily Room Rate: RM 549.25

1. To estimate your earnings for your property, start by finding out your total monthly commitment by adding up your loan repayment, maintenance fees and utility costs.

2. Drag the slider to determine the potential number of days you expect it will take you to breakeven based on a reasonable daily room rate for your area*

3. Your estimated earnings will be graphed accordingly

* Check Airbnb prices for an estimate of the expected daily room rates in your area

# Please take note that your actual earnings will depend on your exact location, type of property and amenities provided, get in touch with us for a free consultation session today

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